Full Potential Transformations are the core of what we've done at Next and Co.. If your company is falling short of its full potential, we can guide you on a cross-functional effort to change the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of your business and produce game-changing results.

Corporate leaders have a core set of levers they can pull to help their organizations reach full potential. We guide you through a series of questions to identify, sequence and implement the changes and actions that will put your company on a trajectory toward sustained value creation. Transformation programs can take many forms, from moderate restructurings to full-scale turnarounds, and may be motivated by a desire to expand into uncharted territory or a need to navigate through dire financial and competitive circumstances. There is, however, one common factor: a readiness to disrupt the status quo in pursuit of growth.

Our approach to transformation relies on experts across a full set of capabilities, supported by our deep experience in the following areas:



Performance Improvement

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Enterprise Value

Information Technology

Results Delivery


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